Symposia & Program

D-1 Innovative material technologies utilizing ion beams



Prof. Hiroshi Tsuji Kyoto University


Prof. Takaaki Aoki Kyoto University
Dr. Hiroshi Amekura National Institute for Materials Science
Dr. Setsuo Nakao AIST-Chubu
Prof. Hiromichi Ryuto Kyoto University


Dr. Naoki Kishimoto National Institute for Materials Science
Dr. Koumei Baba Industrial Technology Center of Nagasaki
Dr. Hisayoshi Itoh Takasaki Advanced Radiation Research Institute, QuBs, QST
Prof. Hiroyuki Nishikawa Shibaura Institute of Technology
Dr. Tomohiro Kobayashi RIKEN
Prof. Wolfgang ENSINGER Technische Universität Darmstadt
Prof. Daryush Ila Fayetteville State University
Prof. Paul Chu City University of Hong Kong
Prof Feng Chen Shandong University


Ion beam technology has, for half a century, made a significant contribution to the progress of science and industry such as electronics, photonics, machine industry, etc., through the synthesis of advanced materials, the modification of surface properties of materials, the modification of surface morphology and texture, and their analysis in nano- and atomic-scale structure of materials. Recently, it has been required to develop the energy saving system, processes and devices, high efficient energy utilization ones and the low environmental load ones, from the view point of the global environmental problems, and therefore to develop advanced materials which underlie these systems, processes and devices. It is expected that ion beam technology plays an important role, more than ever, for the production and analysis of advanced materials.
This session will address the challenges associated with innovative material technologies that utilize ion beam. Specifically, papers that focus on the ion-beam synthesis of advanced materials as well as new utilization techniques of ion beam are encouraged. We are looking forward to having broad, interdisciplinary discussions that will lead to breakthrough in materials science.


1. Fundamentals of ion-solid interaction: theory, experiments, and simulations
2. Nanostructure synthesis and modification
3. Focused ion beams and ion lithography
4. Cluster ions, single ion, swift heavy ions, highly charged ions, and their application
5. Plasma immersion implantation, plasma sputter, and other plasma-induced modification
6. Modification of polymers and biomaterials
7. Material analysis in nanometer and atomic scale: ISS, RBS, SIMS, FIM, and Atom Probe

Keynote Speakers & Invited Speakers (tentative)

Dr. Koumei Baba Director-General, Industrial Technology Center of Nagasaki, Japan
“Plasma Source Ion Implantation for Diamond-like Carbon Coatings and Industrial Applications” (Keynote Speech)
Prof. Hervert Urbassek University Kaiserslautern, Germany
“MD Simulation of Ion-Solid Interaction: from Sputtering, Crater Formation and Defects Induced by keV and MeV Ions”
Dr. Yanwen Zhang Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
“Simulation and Characterization of Radiation Defects in Advanced Structural Alloys” (tentative)
Prof. Rachel S. Goldman University of Michigan, USA
“Synthesis of Low-Dimensional Semiconductor Structure and Application of Arranged Nano-Dots”
Prof. Jim Williams Australian National University, Australia
“Toward Silicon-related Photonics Using Ion Beam Techniques”
Prof. Yang Tan Shandong University, China
“Tailoring of Optical Nonlinearities of Two-Dimensional Materials by Ion Beams for Photonic Application”
Dr. Hisayoshi Itoh Takasaki Advanced Radiation Research Institute, QuBS, QST, Japan
“Current Status and Prospects of Quantum Beam Science Research at Takasaki Advanced Radiation Research Institute of QST”
Prof. Jeroen Anton Van Kan National University of Singapore, Singapore
“Focused MeV Proton Beam for 3D Nano-Lithography, DNA Nano-Fluid and Nanoimprint Lithography”
Dr. Katsuya Sato Takasaki Advanced Radiation Research Institute, QuBS, QST, Japan
“Dreamy Future by Ion Beam Breeding of Sake Yeast and Other Microorganism”
Prof. Akihiro Iwase Osaka Prefecture University, Japan
“Modifications of Metal Alloys and Oxides Ceramics by Energetic Heavy Ion Irradiation”
Prof. Tetsuhide Shimizu Tohoku University, Japan
“Recent Activities and Research Trends on HiPIMS Technology in Japan”
Prof. Jiro Matsuo Kyoto University, Japan
“Recent Progress in Bio-SIMS: How far are we from the goal?”
Prof. Kenji Kimura Kyoto University, Japan
“A Novel Molecular Imaging Technique Using Transmission SIMS in Combination with LEEM”
Dr. Shinichi Iida ULVAC-PHI, Japan
“Precise Mass Analysis of Organic Materials by PHI Nano-TOF II Equipped with Tandem MS/MS”
Dr. Hossein Sepehri-Amin NIMS, Japan
“UV Laser Assisted 3D Atom Probe Analysis of Nano-Scaled Oxides and Magnetic Materials”
Prof. Yasuo Shimizu Tohoku University, Japan
“Atom Probe Study of Semiconductor-Based Nanostructure”
Prof. Osamu Nishikawa Kanazawa Institute of Technology, Japan
“Atomic Level Analysis of Biomolecules by Scanning Atom Probe Utilizing Carbon Nanotubes”