Symposia & Program

B-5 Severe plastic deformation: innovative processes for high-performance structural and functional materials



Prof. Zenji Horita Kyushu University, Japan


Prof. Zenji Horita Kyushu University, Japan


Prof. Ruslan Valiev Ufa State Aviation Technical University; Saint Petersburg State University, Russia
Prof. Terence Langdon University of Southampton, U.K
Prof. Michael Zehetbauer Vienna University, Austria
Prof. Yuri Estrin Monash University and NUST MISiS, Australia
Prof. Yuntian Zhu North Carolina State University, USA
Prof. HyoungSeop Kim Pohang University of Science and Technology, Korea
Prof. Roberto Figueiredo Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
Prof. Gerhard Wilde Universität Münster, Germany
Prof. Terry Lowe Colorado School of Mines, USA
Prof. Laszlo Toth Lorraine University, France
Prof. Nobuhiro Tsuji Kyoto University, Japan
Prof. Koichi Tsuchiya NIMS, Japan


This symposium provides a forum to exchange information and ideas including the latest research results on severe plastic deformation (SPD). The SPD process is gaining extensive attention as it provides a great potential for significant enhancement of mechanical properties: for example, production of materials of high strength, high ductility, and superplasticity. Such enhanced properties emerge owing to microstructure refinement to the nano size and microstructural control at nano scale. Recent studies reveal that the SPD processes are effective in enhancing functional properties such as electrical conductivity, hydrogen storage, thermoelectric properties, and even in creating unique properties due to high density of SPD-induced crystal lattice defects. All subjects related to the following topics are welcome: process development, simulation and modeling, enhancement of mechanical and physical properties. Also any news on practical application of the SPD processes are of high interest.


1. Process development
2. Microstructural refinement and analyses
3. Mechanical properties
4. Functional properties
5. Simulation and Modeling
6. Applications

Keynote Speakers & Invited Speakers (tentative)