Symposia & Program

C-1 Nobel Laureate Prof. SUZUKI special symposium (Carbon related Materials) (3rd Bilateral MRS-J / E-MRS symposium)



Dr. Satoru KANEKO Kanagawa Industrial Technology Center
Prof. Masami AONO National Defense Academy of Japan


Dr. Tetsuo TSUCHIYA National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Prof. Tamio ENDO Sagamihara Surface Laboratory


Prof. Masahiro YOSHIMURA National Cheng Kung University,Taiwan
Prof. Nobuyuki IWATA Nihon University
Prof. Paulo MELE Muroran Institute of Technology
Prof. Hiroaki NISHIKAWA Kinki University
Prof. Tomoaki TERASAKO Ehime University
Prof. Yasuteru MAWATARI Muroran Institute of Technology
Prof. Sarawut RIMDUSIT Chulalongkorn University, Thiland
Prof. Yudi DARMA Institute Technology Bandung
Prof. Kuang-Sen SUNG National Cheng Kung University,Taiwan
Dr. Alina PRUNA Polytechnic University Of Bucharest Romania
Prof. Mariana IONITA Polytechnic University Of Bucharest Romania
Prof. Rodrigo MARTINS Universidade Nova


This is Special Symposium in honor of Nobel Prize Laureate, Prof. Akira Suzuki. Recently “Carbon Related Materials” have been becoming very popular and important. We promote researches on these materials, including formations, structures, electrical/magnetic/optical properties, mechanical behaviors, in view of their technological applications. We discuss a broad class of ordered and disordered solid phases composed primarily of elemental Carbon. Organic materials are included as well as inorganic materials. The Symposium focuses on materials such as diamonds, graphites, graphenes, C-nanotubes, Carbon fibers, composites, etc.; and we discuss them together. One Special Session is organized on CNT composites with respect to a keynote speaker Prof. Sumio Iijima. It is welcome to discuss on chemical bonds of C-C and others such as C-O.


1. Preparations and syntheses of Carbon related materials, and fabrication of composites.

2. Material chemistry of disciplines of Carbon related materials, including theoretical/computational approaches.

3. Electrical/magnetic/optical properties of Carbon related materials, including synthetic diamonds, graphites/graphenes, C-nanotubes, buccky balls, Carbon fibers, etc.

4. Evaluations of mechanical behaviors on composites of Carbon related materials.

5. Characterizations on chemical bondings in composites.

6. Devices and applications of carbon related materials and composites.

Keynote Speakers & Invited Speakers (tentative)