Symposia & Forums

A: Advanced materials for energy and environmental issues

A-1 Perovskite solar cells and optoelectronics: Material properties to device functions
A-2 Energy and environmental materials – energy storage
A-3 Superconducting materials and applications
A-4 Magnetic oxide thin films and hetero-structures
A-5 Thermoelectric materials for sustainable development
A-6 Forefront of the functional development of strongly correlated materials
A-7 Design of advanced fuel cell materials, devices and systems
A-8 Advanced Nano(porous) Materials and their Applications

B: Advanced science and technologies for design of advanced materials and interfaces

B-1 Materials frontier for transparent advanced electronics (3rd Bilateral MRS-J / E-MRS symposium)
B-2 Advanced thin film materials for future electron device and sensor
B-3 Organic and Molecular Electronics
B-4 Soft active interface
B-5 Severe plastic deformation: innovative processes for high-performance materials
B-6 Advances in functions and reliability of ceramics and glasses based on structural formation
B-7 Nano-biotechnology on Interfaces

C: Nano-materials science and technologies

C-1 Nobel Laureate Prof. SUZUKI special symposium (Carbon related Materials)
C-2 Structure and physical properties of polymers in confined systems
C-3 Self-organized materials and their functions
C-4 Soft chemical process design for next generation green chemistry
C-5 Materials for living – environment / energy / medicine -
C-6 Frontier of nano-materials based on advanced plasma technologies
C-7 Soft matter science and technology-revisit to unsolved problems and challenges
C-8 Advances in Semiconductor Nanowires: Growth, Theory, Characterisation, Processing and Devices

D. Unique technologies for new materials science and technologies

D-1 Innovative material technologies utilizing ion beams
D-2 Eco-product session
D-3 Advanced Water Science and Technology
D-4 Advanced Ceramics and Composites for Energy and Sustainable Society
D-5 Regenerative Medicine Based upon Functional Materials
D-6 Resource Efficiency and Material Technology
D-7 Smart Materials Innovations


F-1 Forum on materials science education of young people who will lead the next generation
F-2 Forum on environmental issues
F-3 Forum on cultural properties