Symposia & Program

D-3 Advanced Water Science and Technology



Prof. Osamu TAKAI Kanto Gakuin University


Prof. Chiaki TERASHIMA Tokyo University of Science
Dr. Tomonaga UENO Nagoya University


Prof. Masayuki KUZUYA Chubu Gakuin University
Dr. Norifumi ISU LIXIL Corporation
Prof. Shin-ichi KONDO Gifu Pharmaceutical University
Prof. Nagahiro SAITO Nagoya University
Prof. Yuichi SETSUHARA Osaka University
Prof. Madoka TAKAI The University of Tokyo
Prof. Katsuya TESHIMA Shinshu University
Prof. Hiroharu YUI Tokyo University of Science
Mr. Tadashi NAKAJIMA Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.
Mr. Takeshi HASHIMOTO Meijo Nano Carbon Co., Ltd.
Dr. Shiro YAMAUCHI Tada Electric Co., Ltd.
Prof. Mehmet SARIKAYA University of Washington
Prof. Carlo MONTEMAGNO The University of Cincinnati
Prof. Myeong-Hoon LEE Korea Maritime University
Prof. Sang-Yul LEE Korea Aerospace University
Prof. Ratana RUJIRAVANIT Chulalongkorn University
Prof. Yunying WU Hanshan Normal University
Prof. Malcolm L. SNEAD University of Southern California
Prof. Claes G. GRANQVIST Uppsala University
Prof. Chavalit RATANATAMSKUL Chulalongkorn University
Prof. Yong-Sup YUN Korea Matitime and Ocean University
Dr. Phengxay DEEVANHXAY National University of Laos


“Water” is the closest substance to humankind. It is essential for sustaining life. Nevertheless, due the complexity of its structure and properties, there is still much that is unknown about water, leaving its basic science in yet a developing stage of research. Over recent years, “Water Science” has at long last entered a new phase with the advent of advanced analytical devices and simulation methods. In the industrial realm, water continues to play a central role, though even in a supporting role, it is indispensable. Not only in the processing of drinking water, water and sewage supply and environmental water but across a spectrum of engineering and medical fields water has a substantial role. These include nano-processing, nano-control of physical properties, drainage devices, material-surface processing, hydrothermal reaction, electric storage systems, C1 chemistry, high-purity cleaning, bio-materials, medicine development and so on. In this point of view, the “Symposium on Advanced Water Science and Technology” is aimed to be held in IUMRS-ICAM 2017. The goals of this symposium are not only to discuss the fundamental of water science related to materials, environment and energy but also to provide an opportunity for scientists and engineers to exchange information, view, perspectives, and ideas on the new scientific understanding, novel techniques, and upcoming industrial applications of water-related technology.


1. Fundamentals in Water Science
2. Water Science for the Environment
3. Water Functionalities
4. Water Applications

Keynote Speakers & Invited Speakers (tentative)