Symposia & Program

C-6 Soft matter science and technology-revisit to unsolved problems and challenges



Prof. Atsushi Suzuki Yokohama National University


Prof. Atsushi Suzuki Yokohama National University


Prof. Rama Bansil Boston University
Prof. Bhuvanesh Gupta Indian Institute of Technology-New Delhi
Prof. Yoshitsugu Hirokawa University of Shiga Prefecture
Prof. Isamu Kaneda Rakuno Gakuen University
Prof. Tsuyoshi Koga Kyoto University
Prof. Shingo Matsukawa Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology
Dr. Reiko Oda CNRS CBMN
Prof. Masayuki Tokita Kyushu University
Prof. Kenji Urayama Kyoto Institute of Technology
Prof. Kiminori Ushida Kitasato University


Polymer gel is three-dimensional polymer network, containing a large amount of solvent. Gels are used for many practical purposes as retaining materials of water and solutes. Gels have been recognized as one of the most promising smart materials for the improvement of human life among many types of stimuli responsive materials. The knowledge on physical and chemical fundamentals of gel science and technologies will play a role as guiding principles for a wide variety of applications of gels not only as the smart functional elements but also the modeling of natural systems. Despite recent progress in this field, there are still many unsolved problems in connection with the network structures. In this symposium, we revisit the gel science and technologies and focus such important problems not to attract attention very much so far. Topics range from biomedical applications in tissue engineering to industrial applications such as daily necessaries and food materials, which will be discussed by researchers working in the fields of different majors.


  1. Phase Behavior
    • Phase transition of Gels
    • Phase Separation and Phase Diagrams
  2. Rheology, Strength and Fracture
    • Strength and Fracture of Soft Matters
    • Rheology of Physical Gels
  3. Supramolecular Materials
    • Food Hydrocolloid
    • Supramolecular and Chiral Materials
    • Nanogels for Medical Applications

Keynote Speakers & Invited Speakers

Keynote Speakers

Prof. Katsuyoshi Nishinari Hubei University of Technology
Gels and gelling processes in food and related materials
Prof. Masao Doi Beihang University
Application of Onsager principle to gel dynamics

Invited Speakers

Prof. Rama Bansil Boston University
Gelation of mucin and its relevance to gastric health and disease
Dr. Cecile A. Dreiss King’s College
Chemical cross-linking guided by physical gelation in gelatin: SANS, linear rheology and large strain deformation
Prof. Toshiaki Dobashi Gunma University
Anisotropic Structure Formation Induced by Liquid-Liquid Phase Contact and Diffusion
Prof. Jan H. van Esch Delft University of Technology
Fuel-driven active materials
Prof. Yapeng Fang Hubei University of Technology
Ionic Binding and Gelling Behaviors of Polyuronates
Prof. Bhuvanesh Gupta Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
Bioengineering of Hydrogels for Smart Wound Care
Dr. Tetsuharu Narita ESPCI Paris - CNRS
A microrheological study of gelation on flowable physical gels
Dr. Reiko Oda CBMN, CNRS - Université Bordeaux
Power of counterions, chirality transfer from a small molecule to functional materials
Prof. Hiroyuki Ohshima Tokyo University of Science
Electrophoretic mobility and electrostatic interaction of soft particles
Prof. Oguz Okay Istanbul Technical University
Supramolecular hydrogels formed via hydrophobic interactions